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5 Surprising Facts about Our Netgain Techs

Posted by Gail Stanger - Director of Support Services on Jul 21, 2016 10:50:18 AM

supportteam.jpgInformation technology technicians can be easily stereotyped. While the Netgain Support Team has detailed knowledge about the inner workings of technology and certainly are a bunch of brainiacs, they also know how to have fun doing some unexpected activities.

As Netgain’s Director of Support Services, I get to see lively personalities and hear about the hidden talents of our support team members. They make coming to work fun and I thought you would be interested in learning more about them, too. 

Jon Ano – Support Analyst 
Jon Ano is known by clients for his patience. Those who know him best also know that he can sing almost every Disney song. Growing up Jon started watching Disney movies and enjoyed the songs so he started to learn as many as he could. You can test his knowledge on your next call and congratulate him on his marriage engagement. We’re thinking there may be some Disney singing at the wedding next year.


Kip Peterson – Support Analyst
Clients who work with Kip Peterson often say he’s friendly and a pleasure to work with. What they don’t know is that Kip is a complete sports fanatic and recently took ownership of over 30,000 sports cards, all of which were purchased from a neighbor who was moving. You’ll find him coaching football, baseball and hockey on nights and weekends. We can get lots of fun facts about Kip from his brothers Steve and Nate Mellendorf, who also work at Netgain.

Todd Kuzma – Senior Support Analyst
Todd Kuzma is often recognized for his ability to quickly solve problems. He’s put these problem solving skills to good use while betting, and winning, on games in Las Vegas during March Madness, visiting 10 times. He’s a rule follower on the road though, as demonstrated by the fact that he’s never been pulled over by a cop.

Cory Johnson – Support Analyst
Cory Johnson can always be counted on by clients to be responsive and resourceful. We think he gets that from his Eagle Scout training. Not long ago, Cory and his wife had a significant scare when their son was born 10 weeks early. Those early days were not easy, but today their son, Owen, is a happy, energetic toddler – and an Eagle Scout in the making.

Neil Ormsby – Support Representative
Clients have expressed appreciation to Neil Ormsby for being courteous and patient. Neil enjoys traveling and was fortunate to do a lot of this while in the St. Johns’ Boys’ Choir for five years. He toured Europe twice with the choir, visiting Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, as well as Philadelphia, New York, and New Orleans.

Netgain’s support team is the company’s largest team, made up of over 30 team members and growing. They’re passionate about helping support Netgain clients but as you can see, they have some interesting talents and activities they enjoy. If you’re ever on a call with a Netgain support team member, make sure to ask them about their hidden talents and fun facts. We’ll keep uncovering more and share them with you, too.


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