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How Your IT Partner Prevents Costly Mistakes

Posted by Netgain Blog Team on Dec 23, 2014 10:22:12 AM

Business owners must be reassured that investing in outsourced IT services will be worth the cost.  The real costs are not in the payment for services, but in the shortcomings that can arise if these services are not retained.  IT failures raise costs in terms of lost productivity, compromised data, and regulatory issues. Here are three specific ways that your IT partner prevents failures and reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes associated with your IT. 

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What You Should Expect From Your Outsourced IT Partner's Support Team

Posted by Netgain Blog Team on Oct 28, 2014 2:28:34 PM

Outsourcing healthcare IT services has been growing at a fast pace over the past few years. Small hospitals and large physician practices may need to outsource the IT functions, in which case it would be a good idea to find experts who can offer excellent quality services.  There are many experts who can offer you those quality services.  You just need to make sure that you are working with the most experienced and skilled professionals.

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