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System Administrators: Fantastic Fixer of All Things Tech

Posted by Kim Nowack - Netgain's Director of Human Resources on Jul 25, 2017 2:00:00 PM

If you’re reading this on your computer, smartphone or tablet, chances are your practice has an IT person that is responsible for making sure your device is securely connecting to the network, enabling you to work every day.

These IT people are called System Administrators and, like many other professionals, they have their own day! The last Friday in July, the 28th this year, is designated as “SysAdmin Day.” According to, a System Administrator is a “fantastic fixer of all things tech. The IT pros.”

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The 4 Communication Styles of Our Netgain Support Team

Posted by Kim Nowack - Netgain's Director of Human Resources on Mar 20, 2017 9:40:53 AM

What’s your communication style? Throughout your career, you’ve likely taken a personality test of some sort. Based on your answers to a defined set of questions, you’ve been identified as a color, an animal or a combination of letters. 

As a part of NetgainU, our continuing education program, employees complete an assessment to determine what color quadrant they best associate with. Each of the four color quadrants have characteristics that describe a communication style. The goal is to understand your communication style and the style of your teammates so communication can be adjusted for mutual benefit. 

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