How Your IT Partner Prevents Costly Mistakes

How Your IT Partner Prevents Costly Mistakes

Posted by Netgain Blog Team on Dec 23, 2014 10:22:12 AM

ID-100266388Business owners must be reassured that investing in outsourced IT services will be worth the cost.  The real costs are not in the payment for services, but in the shortcomings that can arise if these services are not retained.  IT failures raise costs in terms of lost productivity, compromised data, and regulatory issues. Here are three specific ways that your IT partner prevents failures and reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes associated with your IT. 

Install It Right The First Time

Prevention starts at the launch of a new IT system. Being skilled technologists, we know the systems and software well.  Some software packages have quirks and we know how to set it up so that they are not disruptive to your day to day operations.

As software becomes more advanced and cloud systems more complex, many software installations go beyond the ability of the average IT person.  There is a high chance of purchasing the wrong product or missing the needed features.  While these issues may not arise until use continues for a while, they can be very costly once they do occur.

Well-run technology is no longer a luxury or option in business.  It is a requirement.  We support its future reliability by ensuring it is installed right the first time.

Keep The Network Secure

Recent reports of IT security breaches in the media have raised awareness of the need for advanced IT security measures.  Whether facing viruses, malware, or hackers, compromised security can end up becoming more than an embarrassment.  It can disrupt business and leave you vulnerable to compliance issues.  Plus, your customer base will be less likely to trust you if any of these threats compromise their personal data.

When we monitor your system, we can start with a security risk analysis to determine the appropriate protocol.  Intrusion detection can monitor for unauthorized attempts to access the network and system.  Identity and access management implements a series of passwords so only authorized personnel access the records.  Firewalls, managed VPNs, and secure email also help to secure systems.  Whether you require basic security precautions or need a more elaborate protocol due to your industry needs, we can customize the most effective system for you.

Avoid Government Non-Compliance Issues

Just like an accounting firm needs to follow requirements of the SSAE 16, healthcare entities need to comply with HIPAA requirements in regard to personal health information.  There is no doubt that the ever-changing government requirements can be tough to follow.  These regulations can be even tougher if you violate them.  Your organization can face fines and criminal prosecution.

Not only can the acts leading to regulatory violations diminish customer trust, decrease productivity, and cause technical issues, they are also against the law.

Our security team stays up to date on security issues and finds new technology to help assure compliance with them.  This team will recommend improvements since the techniques of hackers and their malware often evolve as quickly as technology itself. 

As health and business services continue to be reliant on technology, the needs to install, maintain, and secure it correctly will become more vital.  These functions are also demanding professional attention—especially if you are in a security-dependent industry like healthcare or accounting.  Investing in your IT partner today means fewer problems tomorrow.  That in turn prevents the disasters that cost you in terms of reputation, profit, and compliance.  

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