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What Freedom Means to Us at Netgain

Posted by Scott Warzecha - Executive Chairman on Jun 27, 2017 11:08:26 AM

freedommeans.pngWe fly the American flag above our headquarters building to remind us of those, who by their sacrifice, have helped create this unbelievable American system that allows us the freedom to thrive.

I’ve seen the sacrifice first hand as my father served in the U.S. Army Reserves during the Vietnam War. Following in his footsteps, I also served in the Army Reserves in the 1980s. We served to protect the freedom that sets America apart.

Nearly 10 percent of our team at Netgain are military veterans and almost every person here has a family member or friend that has served our country during periods of conflict.

As a company and as individuals, we realize and appreciate the sacrifice that has been made for us to experience the freedom we enjoy every day.

What I appreciate most about freedom is that it’s personal and its meaning varies by person. In honor of Independence Day, I sat down with some Netgainers to learn what freedom means to them.

The responsibility to serve others
Freedom is not only a luxury to some, it’s a responsibility. Patrick Carnathan, a Netgain Infrastructure Engineer, served in the United States Navy from 1989-1995. For Patrick, freedom comes with the responsibility to “Pay it Forward” and give back to others as often as he can.

Patrick sees Netgain paying it forward by providing healthcare organizations with technology that improves patient care. 

“Freedom allows humanity to move forward and progress. It allows us to grow and be part of something greater than ourselves,” Patrick said.

The opportunity to be better
Kim Nowack, Netgain’s Director of HR, has two brothers serving in the Army Reserves. She says freedom allows her to express her feelings and thoughts so she can make a difference in her community and be educated so she can use that education to help others.

In her role at Netgain, Kim is an advocate for others, encouraging and empowering them to be their best. “As a company, we believe we can always be and do better. I believe that is the spirit of freedom.”

The freedom of democracy
For Glenn Hankosky, Operations Manager at Netgain, freedom means democracy. After serving in the US Marine Corps for six years, Glenn has an appreciation for good leaders who encourage teamwork and input over simply giving orders.

“I am fortunate that my leader, Gail Stanger, and Netgain lets its staff work as individuals with “team” as an end-goal. Other companies I’ve served have been poorly led with a dictatorship mentality. Empowering employees and allowing freedom, like at Netgain, does more to accomplish goals.”

Freedom is simply defined as “the quality or state of being free,” but it has such deeper meaning to many Americans.

We are thankful each day for the freedom, opportunity and responsibility to work with our clients to provide a better experience for patients who may be struggling. We don’t take our independence for granted. To our veterans and those currently serving to afford us these freedoms, thank you.

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